Project Description

slides and swivelsA quality slide is essential for the proper alignment of the torch to the weld area. Pandjiris slides assure you that the torch will be accurately positioned with a smooth easy stroke. Both manual and power slides may be used vertically or horizontally so they can be easily compounded. Few slides can match the weight capacity or superior operation of Pandjiris slides.

Mounted on Pandjiris manipulators, side beams, or other torch articulation equipment, these heavy-duty slides are ideal for fine horizontal and vertical adjustments to the torch. Varying lengths of stroke are available to meet nearly all weld requirements, either powered or manual.

MODEL 21 & 61 SLIDES are available either in a manual or powered style. 1" diameter precision, hardened and ground guide rods provide a perfect path for the sealed linear ball bushings. This provides easy and accurate movement of the weld head.

MODEL 615 SLIDE comes with the same precision as the 21 and 61 slides, but is built for heavy-duty applications with a 1-1/2″ diameter guide rod.

Pneumatic Slides are available in both 1″ and 1-1/2″ guide rod versions.

PANDJIRIS SW180 SWIVEL is ideal for mounting all welding head apparatus. It swings at +90°, 0°, -90° about a vertical axis. It allows orientation of the welding torch, flux pick-up and seamtracker probes without dissassembly or remounting. The SW 180 is ideal for side beam carriages or manipulators to allow both circumferential and longitudinal welds.

A rotary swivel for rotation about a horizontal axis is also available.

Additional head adjustments for lead/lag and impingement angles are offered through the universal torch mounting brackets.

 Quick Specs:

Model Load Capacity A B C D E F G H Specifications
21-M/61-M 200 LBS @ 6″ 5.5 8-1/2 Plus Stroke 3 4 0.3125 3.5 5.5 - Click Here
21&61-P 200 LBS @ 6″ 5.5 8-1/2 Plus Stroke 3 6.25 0.3125 8.88 5.5 10.19 Click Here
615-M 500 LBS @ 12″ 10 13 9/16 Plus Stroke 3.5 4.5 1.06 3.5 10 - Click Here
615-P 500 LBS @ 12″ 10 13 9/16 Plus Stroke 3.5 6.19 1.06 8.75 10 12.44 Click Here
SW-180 - 60 5.5 11.25 10 10.5 4.625 4.625 - Click Here

Manual Slides       Power Slides       SW-180 Swivel