Project Description


Axxair Orbital Saws and Bevelers are the most portable, efficient, and reliable in the industry.

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  • The Largest Range of Diameters 0.250” to 40.0” with 11 models. 
  • Quality Cut without deforming tubes. Multiple concentric clamping contacts make it ideal for thin wall stainless steel tubes. Geometric cutting quality (perpendicularity <0.009”) and a good surface, keeping burs minimal.
  • Interchangeable Motor Mounting 3 choices of motors. The motor mounts on the machine frame, securing the machine more easily on site (motor comes in a plastic case).
  • Portability Portable machines, easy to move, used for workshop preparation. Ideal preparation for welding stainless steel tubes.



  • The Patented Concentric Clamping AXXAIR 3-8 stainless steel jaws: offers the widest diameter capacity and minimizes the blade-to-clamp distance, from 0.59″ with base jaws to 0.078″ with additional jaws (depending on models).
  • Speed Fast cutting, e.g. 3” schedule 5 stainless steel pipe in 20 seconds. Setting the cutting diameter is simple and almost immediate.
  • Hand Wheel Rotation Standard Turn the motor around the tube with consistency. Avoid unnecessary efforts and difficult working positions. Ensures a steady advance of the tool, which increases the life of the blades and improves cut quality.