Project Description

95 W45o-1The Model 95 series of weld heads is a low-cost, easy set-up, rapid mount and dismount type of weld head that features precise but rugged mechanics. It is mainly intended for small diameter pipe and fitting welds that have limited axial and/or radial clearance or require a high productivity (quick set-up) type of welding head.

The arc length and torch cross-seam positions are manually controlled. The Model 95 weld heads use an off-board wire feeder and the same adjustable mounting system as the Model 79 weld heads. They can be used as fusion weld heads or with the wire feeder. Several torch options are available for a variety of welding applications. The Model 95 series weld heads are versatile and compatible with a variety of joint designs, such as “J” prep, socket and square butt. They will weld materials ranging from stainless steels or carbon steels to exotic alloys like Hastelloy™, Inconel™ and Monel™ as well as all other TIG weldable materials. Root passes may be done fusion-only, with filler wire, or with the use of insert rings. Autogenous welds (without filler metal) with 100% penetration may be done on wall thicknesses up to 0.154” (3,9 mm) depending on the alloy.


  • Series of orbital, GTAW (TIG) wire feed pipe weld heads for field or fab shop
  • Accommodates tube, pipe, flanges, sockets or fittings from 0.625” to 6.625” OD with wall thicknesses up to 0.44”
  • Welds standard weld preps, square butt preps and socket welds
  • Rapid mount and dismount capability
  • Centers the weld head to the pipe automatically
  • Low radial / axial clearance provides high visibility torch with easy access to wire manipulator controls

Compatible with the AMI Model 227, Model 307 and Model 415 Power Supplies or the AMI Model 207 Power Supply for fusion only with an optional adapter.