Project Description

The Model 207 is a 100/150 A programmable GTAW power supply. It is designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads and is capable of welding tubing and thin wall pipe.

The internal memory of the machine stores up to 100 different welding schedules for quick access. High-integrity, sanitary welds are easily reproduced at the touch of a button. The welds produced by the Model 207 meet or exceed the specifications required by diverse industries such as: semiconductor, food/dairy/beverage, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and nuclear.


  • Microprocessor-controlled, pre-programmed internal memory for up to 100 weld schedules and up to 100 levels per schedule
  • Dust/moisture-proof soft touch membrane switches – ideal for cleanroom use and for harsh environments
  • Internal printer – for program library, schedule settings, quantity of completed welds, and QC data
  • External memory port – used with the optional External Memory Module (M-207EMM)
  • 3-position key switch – to limit access of operating or programming capability to the user
  • Optional remote operator’s pendant to allow welding function overrides and access to any 4 predetermined welding schedules up to 100 ft. from the Model 207

Compatible with all AMI fusion weld heads: Model 8 series, Model 9 series (including 9CT and 9E series), Model 21 series, and Model 4-500.

Quick Specs:

Input Power 100 – 240 VAC service
Single-phase 50/60 Hz
Weld Current 5 – 150 A, 100% Duty Cycle
Current Pulse Rate 0.05 – 50 PPS
Overrides Programmable from 0% – 100%
Memory Capacity 100 weld schedules maximum, 100 levels per schedule maximum
I/O Device M-207EMM
Water Cooler Optional
Dimensions Height: 11″ (279 mm)
Width: 22.75″ (578 mm)
Length: 18.75″ (476 mm)
Weight 79 lbs. (36 kg)